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The Ziereisen family is a traditional, extended one. The four generations meet every day over lunch. Our matron, great-grandma Martha, is born 1909. She's been joined by Grandma Verena, Granddad Hansjörg, winegrower Hanspeter and his wife Edeltraut, their children Johann Friedrich and Ida Paulina as well as HP's sister Susanne, her husband Jörg, and their daughters Magdalena, Johanna and Helen. The employees and friends who visit all enjoy lunch at the huge wooden table. On weekends HP's other sister Katrin joins the assembled.

Each family member has a designated field of responsibility:

- winery
- farm shop
- entertainment


Hanspeter is responsible for the vines and wines. This requires a total commitment during the harvest period, a full and complete level of concentration. The entire workload of a single year lies in the hands of the winegrower during this time. He shares this dedication, this energy, with the world's finest winegrowers.

In the vineyard and in the labeling Hanspeter is supported by his brother-in-law Jörg Enderlin. 'Jüggi', from neighboring Egringen, is a carpenter and talented man in a variety of situations. He assists Hanspeter working with crop protection and cultivation. He oversees much of the cellar work and helps in growing asparagus and other vegetables on the Ziereisen farm. As with any good father Jüggi helps with the babysitting!

Hartmut Bick supports the team in basic cellar operations and particularly in bottling. He's a part-time cellarmaster while maintaining his career as a journalist. In 2003 he began his winegrowing apprenticeship in the Ahr valley with quality leader Werner Näkel. After the conclusion of his apprenticeship he worked with Reinhard Löwenstein on the Mosel before relocating in 2006 to Markgräflerland where he's now made his life.

The dynamic woman behind the scenes is Edeltraut Ziereisen, Hanspeters wife. 'Edel' oversees the farm shop, the sale of wine, the office, the administration of four guest rooms, along with the task of educating her children Ida and Johann. She does all of this with great calmness, humor, character, and presence of mind. The former teacher is also Hanspeter's confidant for the running of the winery.

Katrin, Hanspeter's sister, utilizes her excellent organizational skills to help guide the family businesses. An office worker in nearby Basel, she helps on weekends by running the farm shop and picking asparagus. She's responsible for keeping the contact records for the winery's suppliers and clients while assisting in organizing international contacts.

Farm shop

In the farm shop seasonal products--asparagus, potatoes, beetroot, rhubarb, plums, apples, grapes--are available to the public along with Ziereisen wine and Rieslings from Beurer, Molitor, and Van Volxem. On most Fridays, Verena is baking bread in a stone oven along with scharrewaie, a local pita bread.

Unser Hof früherUnser Hof früher

Hanspeter's father Hansjörg established the farm together with his wife Verena many years past, with a focus upon beef fattening, dairy cattle, fruits & vegetables. Hansjörg's personal preference is for asparagus, lamb's lettuce, and his beloved potatoes which he and the family still produce today.

Unser Hof jetzt

Hanspeter's mum Verena is helping everywhere where needed. Her hand-made bread is renowned throughout the region with fans who travel hours by car to buy the bread. Her hobby of patchworking may be admired in the yard and in the rented holiday flat.


Throughout the year, but especially in summer, the courtyard table is the Ziereisen communal gathering place. The century-old Martha, still fit, holds court speaking with anyone who drops by in her Alemanisch dialect rather than the more common Hoch Deutsch. Edel's and Hanspeter's children, Johann and Ida, are an endless source of amusement with their curious behavior. Little Magdalena often enjoys fooling about with the guests.

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